The baobab is known as the Tree of Life for its helping attributes, Its water-filled trunk resembles a succulent. San Bushman depended on these trees for water when the rains failed and the waterways dried up. An old baobab’s hollow heart can retain up to 1189 gallons of water.

The baobab tree is naturally moisturizing, conditioning, and hydrating. Using baobab extract retains hair moisture, keeping it strong and lustrous. It prevents dryness and flakes by keeping the hair roots hydrated. A healthy scalp means good hair. Baobab trees truly live up to their reputation as the Tree of Life.

Baobaboost Shampoo

Step 1

BAOBABOOST Shampoo is a 5 in 1 reparative shampoo that helps provide optimum nutrition for hair roots, hydration & strength to hair follicles, protection along with complete damage recovery.

Baobaboost Repair Oil

Step 2

BAOBABOOST REPAIR OIL is a blend of proteins, castor oil, and minerals for intense nourishment of damaged, lifeless hair. It helps strengthen the hair, prevents breakage, dryness, and split-ends.

Baobaboost Masque

Step 3

BAOBABOOST Treatment Mask is a unique mask created for damaged & lifeless hair. This rich, indulgent & moisturizing mask combines Baobab Seed Extract, Quinoa Extract and sunflower seed oil to create an extraordinary softness and shine after only one use.

Baobaboost Conditioner

Step 4

BAOBABOOST Conditioner is 85% natural. It helps in nourishing and moisturizing dry, damaged, and lifeless hair from root to tip.