What will happen when you leave the hated office

It seems to many of us: behind the threshold of the office, another life awaits-the one in which we will be truly happy, and it is worth freeing ourselves from corporate shackles, as we will immediately begin to rejoice at every day. But is it? And what price are you ready to pay for the […]

“I’m still afraid of my father”

As a child, my father was a man for me who scolded, punished and provided me financially, I received care and affection from my mother. When I turned 14, my parents divorced, I stayed with my dad. I was afraid of him and, probably, I’m still afraid. Having matured, I realized that I constantly need […]

9 questions should be answered before the divorce

When a crisis begins in the family, many couples think about stopping relationships. How to make such a serious and radical decision? How to understand that there is definitely nothing to fix? What is worth asking yourself before filed for divorce? When marriage, few people think that he will become so unhappy in relations that […]